Volunteer at the park

Development Volunteer

1. Develop and help to implement fund raising activities or campaigns for the park or for some aspect of the park.

2. Research and write grants for the park or for some aspect of the park, including grants for specific recreational or training activities.

3. Assist in the development of a long-term support group for the park, including working on guidelines for the group and recruitment procedures.

Multi-Media Volunteer

1. Assist in upgrading the Inspiration Park website

2. Develop outreach material and systems for web-based and electronic outreach, such as Facebook, twitter, PSAs, etc.

3. Assist in developing training modules and teaching at the computer lab.

Program Volunteer

1. Assist a program employee from RICV or another local CBO to design and implement a one-time or on-going program at the park. Possible areas include recreational, social or educational activities with RICV’s BRIDGES staff; work skills training with RICV’s Creative Careers staff; independent living activities for adults through RICV’s Independent Living staff, etc.

2. Design and implement programs to be carried out at the park, such as classes, seminars or special educational programs for Fresno State students or the public.

3. Assist in designing a program approach that could include several departments at Fresno State in a long-term, innovative collaboration.

Recreational Volunteer

1. Design and/or supervise recreational events for children or adults. Most activities will include people with disabilities, though that is not a requirement.

2. Assist in planning and implementing special events including the grand opening, sports training activities, holiday events, park fund raisers, etc.

3. Oversee any aspect of the park, including developing promotional information, upkeep schedules, activities schedules, oversee volunteers, etc.

General Volunteer

1. Assist in cleaning the park - including picking up trash, emptying trash cans, light building cleaning.

2. Patrol the park – watch for vandalism, unsafe or inappropriate activities, inappropriate use of amenities – report to on-site supervisor

Park Docent

1. Guide park guest to areas of park and provide explanations and use of equipment of park

2. Walk through park to monitor that if is safe and report any suspicious activity to proper authorities.

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