PARK FEATURES - Available for naming rights

Park Features Available for Naming

* Annual Cost, 5 year agreement

Entire Park - Negotiable

Well suited for children and adults of all abilities, full park naming rights ensure guests will identify this community gem with your company, organization or beneficiary.

Baseball Field - $5,000 per year

Field is made of turf that allows it to be wheelchair friendly

Playground - $5,000 per year - TAKEN BY ARC FRESNO

Fully accessible playground with story circle and features for ages 2-12

Splash Pad - $5,000 per year - TAKEN BY CALVIVA/HEALTHNET

Features an electronic wheelchair exchange station, so no one misses out on the summer fun

Basketball Court - $5,000 per year/per structure - TAKEN BY PG&E LOCAL EMPLOYEES

Features adjustable hoops for fully accessible play.

Picnic Plaza- $5,000 per year/per structure - TAKEN BY ASHWOOD CONSTRUCTION INC.

Shaded picnic area for family and community events.

Look Out Mountain- $5,000 per year/per structure

Highest point in the park, with great visibility

Dog Park- $5,000 per year/per structure

Wheelchair accessible dog park welcomes therapy dogs, service dogs, and family pets alike.

Fitness Cluster- $5,000 per year/per structure

Basic fitness equipment for children and adults, adjacent climbing boulders for an extra challenge.

Sensory Garden- $5,000 per year/per structure - TAKEN BY FIRST 5 OF FRESNO COUNTY

Sprawling play area includes a maze and several sensory stimulating features.

Skate Park- $5,000 per year/per structure

This popular sport is now available to children and adults of all abilities!